Shona Banda

Live Free or Die


The basic facts of Shona’s situation are:

Shona suffered for many years with Crohn’s disease. If you are unfamiliar with the disease, sufferers report severe, double-over, stomach pain and torrential diarrhea that often includes.

Modern medicine has no cure for Crohn’s which afflicts 700,000 Americans. Conventional medicine responds to Crohn’s with it’s main tools – surgery and drugs from big pharmaceutical companies. Both of these have risks and often side effects. Before cannabis oil, Shona had 15 surgeries and tried multiple big pharma drugs. All of these proved ineffective.

Cannabis oil is highly effective for many Crohn’s sufferers and it is for Shona. Smoking cannabis can help with pain and suffering, but it is the oil that is extracted from the plant and swallowed into the stomach that works for Crohn’s. The oil is described as a miracle and magic by people who have suffered with Crohn’s for decades.

In this video from 2011, she describes her experiences before and after cannabis oil.

Shona has two boys, one 18 and another, 11. Who, years ago, saw their mother very sick and dying. The doctors had told her there was nothing more they could do. Shona couldn’t walk upright. She had to use a cane to shuffle when she was able to move. She was hobbled and debilitated by Crohn’s.

Then he saw her get well thanks to cannabis oil. Suddenly, he had a happy, vibrant, healthy mommy who could walk and later even play.

In March 2015, during an anti-drug presentation at his elementary school, her son spoke up to tell his teachers and class about the miraculous healing power of cannabis oil that he had witnessed.

Regrettably, the laws of the State of Kansas do not allow people with diseases to possess this medicine or Kansas doctors to prescribe it. In Kansas, doctors are only allowed to treat people by cutting them open, exposing them to radioactivity or injecting them with radioactive substances, prescribing and administering addictive and/or highly toxic chemicals but they FORBIDDEN BY LAW from prescribing this safe and highly effective medicine to their patients. Possessing this life giving plant or using of this safe and effective, medicine, even to save a life, is a crime in Kansas. And if you make the miraculous healing oil, it’s a felony.

In addition, if any of this happens around a child, under Kansas law you can be deemed an unfit parent and the State seizes your children. So when Shona’s son shared his story, child protective services was called and the State of Kansas took him from his mother and charged his mom with the crime of child endangerment.

After taking her child away, the police then surrounded her home without a warrant, prevented her from entering, took her medicine away, and took away the equipment she needs to make it.

Almost two month’s later, the State of Kansas has charged Shona with 3 felonies and 2 misdemeanors related to her making cannabis oil. Shona now faces 30 years in prison where she would not be allowed to make her medicine. Without it, the Crohn’s will return, she will become gravely ill again and she may die.

If you want to help Shona get her child back and defend herself, please visit the How to Help page or


  1. this is a woman who want to raise her child without this medicine she could never have done this she’s a beautiful woman who just wants to survive and be a good mother if you can’t see this you need to look deeper and do your research before you judge her please

    • In the case of Shona Banda (watch her cell phone footage) it was illegal search and seizure – they seized her HOUSE! They did this before a warrant was obtained or presented! The authorities involved are guilty of treason as the suspicion is high (read your Constitution) that is punishable similarly to murder. It is high time we push HARD for equal protection of the law before unlawful law enforcement crushes us under into a super tyrannical state! They are also guilty of kidnapping as we find in the law book Black citing federal law (all federal laws supersede state statute) the “parent is presumed to be a fit and natural parent”

  2. They illegally seized your home!

  3. I have heard Shona’s story and have even friended her on FB. She has done nothing wrong but live in a ridiculous state (KS) that has completely turned her and her children’s lives into a nightmare!! I think of this woman daily and pray that she will not be put to death (a possibility if she’s jailed for her medicine) but be allowed to get her son home with her and move to a state where she will be allowed to actually live (CO isn’t far! And we lawfully allow cannabis oil 😊).

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