Shona Banda

Live Free or Die

Cannabis oil works.


For me, and for many others, cannabis oil is a miracle that ends our suffering and let’s us lead normal lives. The US Federal Government doesn’t allow the study of the medical benefits cannabis in the United States but there have been studies outside that show the effectiveness of cannabis on Crohn’s. Here’s an example – Findings of Study in Switzerland/Austria

In addition, Crohn’s patients are posting their videos YouTube. There are several on this page. Click the headlines to watch them for yourself.

According to all these people, cannabis is an extremely effective medicine and, in some cases, the only effective medicine. It’s even effective for many forms of cancer. Watch a decorated San Francisco police sergeant share his story under oath.

Other people have witnessed the same thing. Here is an excellent video about Rick Simpson who has also had problems with his government because he’s been curing cancer with cannabis oil.

Do your own research online and I think you’ll find that cannabis oil is more effective for many conditions than any other treatment and it is much safer than surgery, radiation, chemo or even aspirin.

To see more patient videos on variety of conditions, check out the Maine Cannabis Center.

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