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Live Free or Die

How To Help

Thank you for visiting this page and there are many ways to help.  Here are some ideas –

1.  If you know a Crohn’s sufferer, let them know that medical cannabis might let them be completely normal.

2.  Like my page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.  This shows my public support.

3.  My legal bills are likely to go well into six figures and I don’t have anywhere near that kind of money.  If you can, please donate to my GoFundMe campaign.  Every dollar will help.

4. Hire me to speak. I can educate audiences on the medical benefits of cannabis oil from a patient’s point of view. If there’s another topic you’d like me to cover, please contact me.

5.  Send me a note.  It is very hard to have my own government taking my child and wanting to throw me in jail because of the medicine I must have to live.  It helps to know that people care.  Send me a note on my Contact Me form and let me know you care.


  1. I care and I wish you all the luck in the world, I hope you get your child back. I do not have money, however I do support you.

  2. Shona,

    You and I worked together at WSB. I now live in KC, but have been watching your story. Keep strong and don’t give up! Sending you lots of hugs.

    Luis Duran

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